Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Building a sliding mount for my in car radio - Part 4

Now that I have my car back after its accident, I was able to attach the fixed plate that makes up the mounting point for my slide mount. I may trim the screws so that they fit flush but they don’t get in the way at the moment. The plate fits well giving a sturdy base to slide the radio onto. When the radio is in position it is very accessible and doesn’t interfere with my driving position or getting in and out of the car. The next  job is to run the power lead from the battery through the bulkhead. The end of the lead will then be stored in the dropdown tray behind the radio. I will then do something similar with the antenna lead so that it is always available at the radio end and easy for me to connect the lead from the mag-mount at the other.

Top of the bracket fitted to the car. I’ll remove it and give it a coat of matt black paint so that it blends in better.
The radio slid into position.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Building a sliding mount for my in car radio - Part 3

I have now soldered the two channels onto the brass base. I held the channels in place with some bent paperclips which actually did a very good job. I cleaned the brass and applied some flux before heating it. The solder ran smoothly between the parts and made good clean joints. The top part of the mount slides smoothly in the channels and should hold the radio securely to the underside of my dashboard. The next job is to clean up the brass and remove any flux and excess solder.

Paperclips did a good job of holding the parts
All the parts soldered in place

 The finished parts showing the top mount slid into place