Thursday, 26 July 2012

Going mobile

It has taken a while to finally get this far but at long last I’ve put together my mobile setup. I checked the SWR between the antenna mounted centrally on the roof of my car and my Wouxan handheld. It is very close to 1:1 across the frequencies I plan to use so no extra adjustments were required. I plan to build a proper mounting bracket so that I can more easily access the controls of the transceiver. So far I’ve just been listening to see what the reception is like on my journey to and from work. I seem to get a reasonable signal on a couple of the repeaters and the one at Danbury seems to pick-up my signal, even though I’m only pushing out 5 Watts. As long as the reception is acceptable I may look into the possibility of making a 2m amplifier to boost my output.

Here are some pictures of my current in-car configuration.

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